Sunday, October 18, 2009

A kid's station

Post-consti exam w/ Doreen and Prinz:

Lulu Belle
Trying to make ourselves feel good and telling each other we'll really shape up and do better next semester. Given the chance. I must say, I haven't been giving my best. But it's only the beginning. Might not have been a good one, but well... Fight!

Kidz Station
Dorz also bought her own Kooky pen, Peace :) So Alex has Amadeo, I have April, Prinz has Vox and Mia has Sugar. D, Pao, Estelle, you ought to buy your own Kooky pens na rin :D Well, each pen costs P195. I know, a bit pricey but they're SUPER CUTE okay. And they're refillable. O-ha! I'll try to take a picture some other time. But really :) Mine never fails to cheer me up. As a kiddy pen, it sorta reminds me of how I wanted to be doing what I'm doing now since I was a small kid. It also reminds me to NEVER cease from being childlike, to never succumb to being jaded :)

Marta's Cupcakes
CHEAP cupcakes (Php40-55!!!) that you'll REALLY love. Move over Sonja :D

Fully Booked
Prinz and I bought 2010 planners <3 I'll post a snapshot of my CLASSIC ALICE IN WONDERLAND planner next time <3 You'll see why I love it. When I saw it, I couldn't let go of it na so I knew I had to buy it. P599 lang but it was on sale, plus Prinz lent me his discount card to I ended up shelling out only P529 bucks. Not bad at all for a planner that means a lot to me. I just saw online the 2010 BDJ. It's pretty and maybe, I'll miss the discount stuff. But just about every girl has a BDJ now, unlike two/three years ago. So I'm not really thrilled.

Actually, I didn't intend to buy a planner at all when we went to Fully Booked. I only wanted to browse the books available and, if I find something REALLY nice, I'll treat myself with one. But then we both asked each other to prevent each other from buying ANY book since we still have 2 exams and a paper before the 1st sem's officially over. So we ended up buying planners instead. Haha, they're not books naman diba? Expressio unius est exclusio alterius. :))

Comfort food. Period.


My friend Third once sent me a quote: "The more you grow older, the more you have to keep in touch with the people you knew when you were younger."

By analogy, I must say it applies to things as well. Sometimes, the things we loved when we were younger (and when the world was a lot nicer) serve as heartwarming reminders. Sure, we all have to grow up. Face the realities. The world isn't made of sugar and spice and everything nice. But that doesn't mean we have to be jaded. That doesn't mean we have to let go of the very reasons that drove us to where we are now.

And you know what, just now, I rhealized that the older isn't always the one with a stronger character. I rhealized that sometimes, our present, older selves can draw a lot of strength from our younger selves. If we still remember them. I hope we always will :)

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