Friday, October 16, 2009

Here it goes

Jimmy Eat World has the best songs ever :)

In college, I used to listen to The Middle whenever I'm feeling down :) Haha, it's also where Charles got the "little girl" label haha. Or if not, bottom line is that the song was my comfort song back then.

:D I had Here it Goes for quite some time now, but I never really listened to it haha. I played it for the first time today and well, I guess it's sort of an epiphany song for me :)) Especially for someone who cares A LOT about what other people think :)

For my 21st birthday, I'll get myself as many JEW cd's as I could find/buy <3 Unless I get some :)) I love JEW too much now to be content with downloads. I want original JEW cd's <3 <3 <3

I swear, they have songs for all my feelings :))

As of this moment, Here it Goes is my power song.

I think "power songs" are vital to our existence :)) What's your power song?

Most JEW songs are kind of emo (in a very tasteful way, thankyouverymuch). But Here it Goes is something sort of an outlier in the Jimmy Eat World bellcurve of songs. It seems like a song a movie would use for a dance scene haha. Well in general, Jimmy Eat World lyrics say the best things <3>I'll post my favorites after the finals.

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