Saturday, November 28, 2009

Because we have an extra long weekend.

Half my college life, there was this one person who was always my instant date. When I have spare time to just chill and be happy. When I just want to snuggle. When I want to gaze at the stars. When I want to pigout. When I have the impulse to buy clothes (and oh how patient you were, considering how long I shop; and you never complained!). When I feel down and in need of someone who'll be strong for me. He was there. Always. (Almost).

I miss that person now. On days like this, when I have nothing much to do, we usually head to the mall, eat until we can't take in anything anymore, watch a movie, eat some more after. And/or do any of the other things we like doing. Like taking long walks without saying anything, etc.

But then again, I have to be fair. Do I miss him, or do I just miss having someone, in general?

Anyway, you know who you are and I'm sorry I was such a mess when you called last night.

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