Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Thank God for ever-reliable friends :)

In a time when I feel like crying over very simple matters (to give you a clue: i was moved by some of the cases / ponencia, i felt like crying! haha. or when i actually bawled in front of my dad after overhearing our helper murmur, "tumabataba na si rhea, tumataba na!)"), it's comforting to know that there are people who actually think your feelings are very much valid.

(talking about a different topic)
charles icasiano: understandable
charles icasiano: there, there
charles icasiano: *hug*

haha. and i thought THAT BIT (which NO ONE, as in absolutely no other person knows about) is too embarassing to admit and too petty for someone my age. haha. now whether my friend was just sleepy and needed to end the conversation (which was just filled with my rants anyway) or whether he actually really understands (and presumption shall be in favor of good faith on the part of a friend), i just feel relieved.

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