Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I never had to go on a diet. EVER. Because no matter how much I eat, I don't gain considerable weight anyway. And even if I do, I'm still thin.

But that's not the case anymore!!!

Since sembreak, I started lessening my food intake. A LOT of the people I know (especially the ones who haven't seen me for months/years)have been telling me that I'm obviously gaining weight in law school.

While preparing my clothes for this week, I somewhat had difficulty selecting which clothes to bring because some of my clothes just don't fit well anymore :(

I'm hungry. But I already ate dinner-- bread + tuna.

I said though in the previous entry that EVERYTHING (save for the few exceptions i mentioned, and the rule is exclusio unius est exclusio alterius)shall be subordinate to the more pressing and important demands of the law school. And that includes my figure concerns. So I better stop sulking now. Back to work.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Rhea, when is the start of your2nd semester in law school? -Riz