Friday, January 15, 2010

Acquired taste

Non-diet-related rhealizations from my diet breakfast meal:

A bit of this


plus a few spoons of this

and one serving of this


= my current breakfast staple.

When I started going on a diet about a month ago, I loathed this. To me, the cereals were bland. The oranges--- i love them. The fact though that now I'm limiting myself to one serving is sadomasochistic. Haha, I used to eat about two or three before because they're just too yummy. I was used to eating heartily and not having to worry about gaining weight. So when I started limiting my food choices and intake, it was a struggle indeed.

Anyway, I used to do it just because I felt forced. But now, I'm actually enjoying my breakfast staple meal. And though I'm still having it because I want to maintain my diet, I'm also doing so because I actually love it.

During the last few weeks of 2009, I was quite... hmm, I don't know. I can't find the perfect adjective. But there were a lot of things I was unsure of. Myself, among others. Then I started to make a deal with myself. For a different reason, which, I think is actually pretty childish. But then as the days go by, I found myself actually enjoying what I'm doing. And later on, I was already doing it not because of the former petty reason I did it for, but for something else, something better.

There's this adage in psych that goes: do the motion and later on, you'll feel the emotion.

Starting is always the hardest part. But while you're already at it, you might find out that what you used to loathe may be one of the best things that could actually happen to you. And I'm no longer talking about breakfast ;)

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