Friday, January 15, 2010

Aviation fuel.

Much needed.

Obligations & Contracts exam on monday - 5 effin’ units!!! I’ve read the book twice, read the codal provisions over and over (though I really haven't started actually memorizing anything), and still, when i answered one of the sample exams, i felt lost. Well, not really lost. I somehow knew what to answer, but I just couldn’t pinpoint the specific legal provisions to justify my answer. And sometimes, I just don’t know how to properly assess the case XD MUST. NOT. FAIL. MUST. EXCEL. MUST. READ. MORE.

Theology & Social Teachings of the Church on tuesday.

Constitutional Law (Bill of Rights) on Friday.

Criminal Law II two mondays from now.

Legal Technique two wednesdays from now.

Legal Writing two saturdays from now.

Back in college, I wouldn’t be panicking at this time. Haha. I usually study three days before—at the most :)) But here in law school, nothing is ever enough! Ever!

But one of my favorite professors last semester, Atty. Mario Bautista, one of the best litigants in the country at present, taught us more than just the subject matter he ought to taught us (criminal law I). Haha, actually, he really barely taught us the law, said we ought to learn the law on our own. But he did teach us about being a good lawyer. About what happens in practice. And best of all, he inspired us to dream. And he taught us this beautiful concept of aviation fuel.


Whatever you may be busy with right now, I hope you, too, would find where to get your own dose of aviation fuel :)

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