Saturday, January 23, 2010


I don’t like studying in Rockwell during exam week. Especially a day before the exam itself. Or being around too many law students for that matter. You can just feel the tension in the air. When I’m studying for an exam, I cherish taking my time. I DO NOT WANT TO FEEL PRESSURED. I try to push myself, but that’s different, you see. So anyway… for me the ideal studying place is where barely anyone else is studying. It feels a lot more relaxing. Haha, besides, I feel more diligent that way. I know, I might then be bordering on overestimating my preparation, but psychological considerations are important, you know. The moment I feel I might not make it, I start FORGETTING everything. And that spells disaster.

So anyway, this entry is not really about my studying preferences. But it’s very much related to that.

So last Thursday, I decided to go to Greenbelt to study. I thought it would be perfect for me. About 95% of the people who hang out at the coffee shops there are not students. So perfect. Haha. And I was not disappointed. A note though: not all coffee shops there are conducive for studying. There are those cramped with too many chatty people, which is not good for someone who wants to study, either. Besides, when a coffee shop is jampacked, I feel uneasy staying. I feel compelled to keep on buying something, or to not stay for too long. But I found the perfect spot :D And for all intents and purposes, I was indeed able to study.

The real story I want to share here, though, started when I left the coffee shop, around 00:45am. And all of them happened in less than 5 minutes or so (except for the last).

Incident #1: Two drunk and very merry guys almost bumped into me
Incident #2: One seemingly happy woman made a motion, as if to slap me or something, only to stop midway and grin in a very mischievous manner. Haha, I thought that was a tad crazy!

Well I shouldn’t really be surprised. What can I expect? Greenbelt, afterall, is teeming with bars.

Oh and that’s not all.

Incident #3: After leaving the taxi stand, it was only then that the cab driver told me he’s going to charge me a fixed rate (which, by the way, is almost triple the actual cost of a cab ride from Greenbelt to Rockwell). YOU DO NOT argue with a cab driver if you’re alone at night. At least girls like me shouldn’t, unless equipped with kickass self-defense skills, which I’m not (hmmm… mental note: learn self-defense sometime!). Well, I did try to reason out a bit. I still paid a bit more than the actual cost, but at least I didn’t pay triple. I thought it was very unsafe to argue with him since I was alone, and it was past midnight. Life >>> property.
Incident #4: When I handed him the fare, he held my hand a few microseconds longer. Not really long enough because hello, that would have been stupid of me not to take my hand right away. But long enough to freak me out and make me feel something’s wrong. Good thing one of the helpers in the boarding house was still chatting with the guard so at least I felt safe. T_T


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