Saturday, January 23, 2010

People with passion.

Those who have so much heart.
Be it for a Cause, a Dream, a Liking.
For the world, the nation, the family.
For peace. For friends. For oneself.
For being true.

I can’t help but admire these people. They just have this power to keep you believing. And loving.

You just know. They’re so full of love that you can feel it, even if they’re miles away from you. I’m grateful to have met some.

Some of those I know may even have conflicting views with each other. Or with me, even. But such differences are irrelevant. To me, heart is the measure, and they all fare well. Thank you.

I’m a silent, avid fan.

(Note: silent only applies to those people who I admire but am not really that close to, or those who don’t know me. Haha, those I’m close to and feel comfortable with enough to tell them I admire them know that already anyway. I make it a point to tell them :) )

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