Tuesday, March 30, 2010

By the way...

I'm not confident I'll pass all my subjects. I'm not confident that I'd still be eligible to enroll next sem at the Ateneo.

I remember last year, when people found out I didn't pass the UP LAE and that I'm going to Ateneo Law instead, many told me, "okay lang yan, Ateneo lang yan, kayang-kaya mo na yan. Hello!"

Haha, Ateneo "lang" my foot.

It was in Ateneo Law where I was first unsure of my standing as a student. It was in Ateno Law where I first experienced hoping to get at least a 75 as a FINAL GRADE. It was in Ateneo Law where I first felt so inadequate. It was in Ateneo Law where I first felt like I have such a low I.Q.

The first ever lesson I got from Ateneo Law was not even law-related. It was something more basic: humility. My first week? It was a very humbling experience, I must say.

If I fail in more than two subjects or if I don't meet the required QPI, then I would have to say goodbye to Ateneo. If that happens, I'll either take a year off and work first (for experience), or I'll just go to another law school. Ateneo made me realize that if you really want to be a good lawyer, no prior rejection should hinder you from pursuing your dreams and for working hard to earn them. If I get kicked out of Ateneo, that's sad. But life will go on. I'll still go to law school. We'll be studying the same laws and jurisprudence anyway. Only difference, I guess, lies in the environment, the exam questions, and/or the workload. But pretty much, everything's the same. So life shall and will go on. And I'll still be a lawyer :)

To me, the "[*insert school here*] or nothing" mentality is twisted. What do you really want in life anyway? To be a student and graduate of [*insert school here*], or to be a/an [*insert profession here*]? The former is just the means, the latter is the end. Sure, it can be argued that some schools offer a certain kind of formation that others don't. And if that's what you want MORE than the latter, then by all means, subscribe the "[*insert school here*] or nothing" mentality :)

Fight, fight, fight!

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j. Abesamis said...

go! go! fighT! fight!

the school does not matter..

the goal is the ATTY title..