Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I was not prepared AT ALL

But the Crim exam was surprisingly v. much answerable. Haha, this Finals, it was the first time I felt sure I'd pass an exam.

I still maintain that I was not prepared in the real sense of the word. It was God's Grace at work :) I only focused on our professor's book (a lot lot thinner than RPC Book 2 of Reyes), on the elements of the major crimes, and on the comparison of similar crimes. So I was hoping those are the only things he'll ask. And lo and behold--- the answers to the first 15 items can be found in his book (30 points right there yeah!), then for the next ten items (another 30 points), we were just asked to differentiate certain crimes, and then for the last part, we were asked to solve some problems, which, I must say, were not as complicated as the ones we were asked to answer before.

I still made a number of mistakes. But I'm not complaining. I'd be happy just to pass, considering I was not seriously focusing on studying a day before the exam.

When I saw the questions, I felt like I heard Him say, "o, ayan na ang wish mo ha!"

Last night's exam was just a proof that everything, really, is God's grace. Whatever we do, let's always remember to give thanks to Him. After all, even the work of our hands are really nothing but a manifestation of His amazing grace at work :)

THE "A" YEAR IS ALMOST OVER! JUST ONE GROUP PAPER (a critique of any Supreme Court decision, applying everything we've learned in our Legal Technique & Logic class) AND THE "A" YEAR IS DONE :) Here's to hoping I'd still get to be an Atenean law student for the 1st and 2nd "T" years, and for "Y" year. And then, the "." year a.k.a. "preparing for and passing the Bar Exam."


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