Thursday, April 29, 2010

Things I live for.

Yesterday, I was walking along the shore when one of the kids from another NGO (Share a Child)said, "Ate, ang ganda mo naman." So I turned around (ang kapal eh noh, feeling ako yung sinasabihan, hahaha), and I saw this really charming little girl with long wavy hair. Her name, I found out later, is Cathy. Another little girl from the same NGO came to me. Her name is Maria Cristina. We chatted for a while, and then, they hugged me. I melted. Right then and there. A little while later, some of the other kids from Share a Child approached us as well.

I love how outgoing they are, how they are not afraid of strangers, and how easy it is for them to give out a hug. Many good things happened this week, but that moment is undoubtedly the topnotcher. Not because I received praise, but because I got hugged. By kids who barely know me. Last night, while the different teams were presenting, I saw them again. And they recognized me. And hugged me, for the second time around. The third one was this morning. I hope to visit their center one of these days, before I leave for Manila.

I'll post their picture next time. You'll see how adorable they look. And they know how to strike a pose, mind you. You'll see :)

I don't get to be with kids their age. The "children" under Freelava's care are not really kids anymore. Their ages range from 13-18. But during the four days that I have been with them, I have grown to love them. I have two younger brothers, and now, I feel like I have 20+ of them. I'm really looking forward to our next bonding session with them. Jori (my co-intern) and I already have a cool activity for them in mind.

As you might notice, we're not really doing much of the law-related stuff. But at least, we get exposed to their situation. As for me, I just want to enjoy this summer, whether or not I get enough exposure to alternative law practice. The research we're tasked to do and the life skills module revision are more psych-related than law-related. I'm actually pressured since they are expecting a lot, after they found out I graduated with a degree in Psychology. Honestly, it bothered me at first. I want to do more law-related stuff. But during the summer camp, I came to the realization that this is not about me. This is about them. On my part, I just ought to learn as much as I could from the experience, no matter what they may be.

During the summer camp, I enjoyed teasing the boys about their crushes. At the same time, I cherished the fact that they were opening up. It also made me feel good that our being there to watch them during their basketball games and other activities made them feel good. And I loved volunteering to serve them, whenever they line up for their food. I would love to share more about those boys, but the internet shop is about to close. In a nutshell, I am enjoying being their "ate" :)

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