Saturday, May 1, 2010

On getting easily attached and emotional

April 30 entry

I get easily attached and emotional. Yesterday, when we went home early from the summer camp, I realized that I miss them already. And then I thought, if I get more attached to them, I’d probably be crying on our last day with them, when we bid them goodbye. Of course I miss home. I miss my family immensely. But I will definitely, definitely miss those “kids” as well.

I’m looking forward to learning to play the guitar again, care of them. To group dynamics that would double as bonding sessions. To being an older sister and a friend. To helping them realize their potentials. To being closer to them.

I love how they smile at us and greet us maayong buntad / maayong gabii. How they say, ate, mangaon ta. How they ask for their pictures to be taken, shamelessly (hahaha). How they turned us into “package counters” at the beach while they were engaged in different team activities with kids from other NGOs. How open they are to pointing us who their crushes are. How they can joke around with us without showing disrespect. In a nutshell, I love how they make me feel needed, important, and special.

Inasmuch as possible, I don’t want to be too attached. It’s hard, especially since Cebu is not exactly some place I could visit regularly, given the distance and given the time constraints brought about by law school.

I can only hope that we could maximize our 5-week internship by being able to contribute valuable things to our host agency, and more importantly, by being able to make a difference in the lives of those young boys. So help us, God.

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