Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Moving on.

To all the graduating students, congratulations!

A number of people close to my heart are now moving on to something bigger- life after college. Some will be going to grad school, some are going to work, and some are going back to their respective provinces to pursue either one of the two. And I wish nothing but the best to them. They deserve it :)

One of the things I like best in UP is the fact that we get to mingle with all batches. I believe it contributes to the holistic growth of the students. Moreover, we get to forge a greater network of friends, each with something to share, and for each of which we also save a place in our hearts.

But that’s also the sad part.

We don’t get to say our goodbyes properly each year, when one by one they go. Unlike in high school where we are only limited to our batch and thus go sentimental as a batch, in college there’s usually no venue for such. People are always busy. All of us are. The next thing you know, they’re already gone and you haven’t even thanked them for everything. Just like right now--- there are things I want to tell the people who are graduating: I want to thank them, to tell them how they have influenced me, to say how much nice it was for having them around… how much I’m going to miss them. But there’s just no venue for drama like that. And sadly, no time either.

I feel like each year, the people who I consider to be my fortresses and my “models” leave one by one. Suddenly, half of my college life is over. So much (and I mean so much!) has happened. I feel like it went in a flash--- a bright, heartwarming one at that. There are a number of times when I’d feel like, “hey, I don’t want to grow up yet.” I look up to my ates and kuyas. I don’t think I’m ready to be like them just yet.

But we all have to move on, to step up.

It hurts to resist. And so the better way to go would be to just gracefully go with the flow.

I can’t be a baby forever. I want to, but I can’t.

Perhaps I have to grow up. I don’t know if I can be like them, but I will try hard. I owe it to them and to myself.

PsychSoc seniors! Graduating YFCs! Thanks much. You will be missed.
(Irinaaaaaaaa! Lalo ka naaaaaaa! Mommy abiiiiiiiii! Ikaw din! Kuya Ian, Kuya Paul! At lahat kayong mga ggraduate. Sa susunod gagawa ako ng entry para sa mga gusto kong sabihin sa inyo)

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