Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Yet another 1.75

in Psych, that is.

I never got any grade in psych other than that. makes me think: should i be a psych major?

I loved my Cognitive Psych class. it has been my favorite subject this semester. oh, and if you can just see my book! how i highlighted it, how i did my reviewers... and my final paper! that final paper. i exerted so much effort for it. and this is all i get.

but perhaps kuya art's text was the best thing i received this morning:
"hehe! At least 1.75 ka. Dats ma'am conaco.Ü"

he has a point. that came from the professor conaco.

and you know, despite my 1.75, i'm pretty happy (well, after ranting, that is). i learned a lot from the subject. i think i could've done better but hey, regardless of the grade, i know i learned much. the subject also gave me reason to explore my interests, specifically: linking psychology to law. after reading all those psych journals and even browsing through criminal cases, i felt that i do have a direction, that indeed i'm going somewhere.

and despite the low grade, i still love ma'am conaco! :) i felt sooo good about myself due to all the encouragement i got from her for my topic. if it wasn't for her, i might have given up easily. but just knowing that an esteemed doctor of psychology like her believes in me, well, it made me feel like i can really do it.

i was also ecstatic with the good feedback i got from some up law seniors. i found out that nobody in the philippines has yet probed much into the case i was investigating. and if given more time, my study actually poses important implications. i sincerely hope that i'd get another psych subject wherein i can delve deeper into that.

and so, heartbreaking as it was to receive yet another 1.75 from my own department, i just have to look back at the experiences i got from the subject and the fact that the grade came from ma'am conaco, the ma'am conaco.

thanks, kuya art :)

rheality: sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you still don't get what you expected.

rhealization: life must be really sweet when you find it easy to dismiss matters like this.

rhea-l issue: and yes, i'm still happy :) even if i might possibly not be in the CS list for this sem.

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