Monday, April 9, 2007



God's love :) If there's one thing constant in this world, that's God's love :)Ever-present, not faltering a bit.

My psych grades. They haven't changed- always 1.75. I just wish my 115 would break the trend- for the better, of course. Struggling as i am with controlling my emotions, i might cry if i get a 2.


Progress in the country is slow. Service in a number of restaurants is slow. My brain is slow- or perhaps it just refuses to admit some information. We are slow. And i shall no longer elaborate on that. ;)

Slow to anger, irritation, irrationality, pagsusungit, and crying- that's something i'm trying to live by. And i'm struggling. It's hard, you know- "growing up" as a crybaby, a drama queen as i fondly label myself. But hey, i'm trying. Slowly i'm changing. At least now i recognize my irrationalities. Although sometimes the fact that i'm aware they are irrational and hence must stop just irritates me more. Like, can't i just rant and be irrational for one whole day without a care for anything? But after a week of reflection, i know that is not how a Christian should be like. Staying on the right path can be really hard.


My feelings (to wherever with these crazy feelings!) are gradually changing- not too fast, not too slow. It's better this way- unlike before when i'd jump headfirst, or when i'd take sucha lazy stroll only to realize what i almost had when it's gone. But sometimes i can't help but think i shouldv'e left things as they were at the start. It was less dangerous back then. But hey, don't worry. I'm still holding on to my resolutions for this year.


Time! Time passes by so swiftly! All of a sudden, i'm done with two years in college! I'd be pretty scared by now if i'm not planning to go to law school because it means i only have two years left before i work. You know work scares me. For now, at least. I feel like if i don't get a good job (by my standards and by society's standards), i'd be like a faliure- as if everything i toiled for becomes devoid of significance. But that's just the present me speaking. I'm pretty confident i'd be psychologically ready by the time i have to work.

Time! Time passes by so swiftly! So much happened in the past school year, i barely kept track. A blurry of emotions, of sleepless nights, of staying at seattle's, starbucks, bo's, gloria jean's and mocha blends, of incoherence, of new acquaintances, of new experiences, of events and parties, of bigger responsibilities and challenges... So much in so short a time. If S=D/T, where D is distance and T is time, the "speed" of my life thus is equal to R=E/T, where E stands for everythings that has happened. And R, i tell you, would yield to such a big value.

Time! Time passes by so swiftly! So fast i wish i have a remote control to slow things even for just a little bit, and to rewind some parts of the past year i want to revisit: the last days of my beloved grandfather, all the subjects where i did not get an uno (hahaha!), yesterday (when my precious bvlgari perfume fell from my table!), the mundane things in school that (simple as they are) are the moments that make UP life livable, my 18th birthday celebration, and some things i'd rather not mention ;)


Sometimes, the things we want in slow-mo are the ones going "full-speed ahead" while the ones we want to go a little faster are the ones taking it slow.

Some things in life are meant to remain the same
Some are meant to be taken slowly
While some, no matter how much you want to slow it down
Will leave you breathless
with its speed.


joy said...

rhea, buti ka pa nga e naka1.75 sa psych115 mo e.. ako.. 2.5 lang.. huhuhu... probi ako nito..

cinnamon said...

joy, nung sinulat ko yan, iwas referring to my Psych148 with ma'am conaco. hindi 115. hehe..

ngayon ko lang nalaman 115 grade ko kay prof. capulong.

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