Monday, May 21, 2007

Hola, I'm Back! :)


Missed me? Hehe... Anyhow..

When my vacation started, i thought i'd have more time for blogging. Heck- i thought i'd be blogging about almost every single thing every now and then. But despite all the blog-worthy realizations i've had, all the thoughts running on my head and all the memories and issues worth writing about, i remained mum and decided to take a break from the cyberworld.

Actually, it's not really a "decision," but i just sorta didn't feel like talking about everything here. And it's not as if i lack the time, 'cause right now i'm an official bum. I've been thinking about it and i realized that perhaps i'm just happy with my life right now and i don't really feel like there's a need to post stuff online. This summer, i made my friends my blog. Well, to each a different story, of course. Hehehe.. :)See, i've always loved the fact i've got different sets of friends. Stuff that i can't tell to one, i can always tell to another. Vice versa.

Yeah, i know this isn't really a well-thought of writeup, considering that this is my first after more than one month (that seem like eons to me). But whatdaheck, i don't care. I'm just typing almost everything that comes into my working memory.

-So how's summer?-

Far from perfect, not outstanding... but definitely relaxing- just what i needed it to be.

Well, i still "work" but hey, that's for Gawad Kalinga. I've always believed that when you're passionate about what you're doing, it's not work at all. During our second night at Naga City for the 14th ILC, i was so honored to be part of the few college students and fresh grads who had a meeting with no less than GK's father, tito Tony Meloto. He was talking about a pioneering work he wants to start with us. It's a pity i can't say everything as aptly as he did nor could i relay articulately what we talked about. But i was really awestrucked then. Especially when we left the room and saw the thousands of other youth gathered outside singing praises. I was thinking, "geez, sa dami nila, ako pa isa sa mga nakasama." Oh, and i'm psyched that UPGK will be using Tony Meloto's and his team's new office at NCPAG. How cool is that? :)

There were lots of out of town trips as well. One thing: i missed doing that. I mean, last year, our family lost three members.. So it was only now that we've been going out again.. I remember when i was a kid.. Papa (my lolo) was always the one who initiated those trips. When he got sick, somehow those family trips were lessened. Most of the time we'd just gather and visit him.. Eating and sharing stories.. *sigh*.. i miss Papa the most. :(

Anyhow.. will post pictures of our trips some other time :)

Apart from my weekly visit to UP for UPGK's planner, bumming around, and going out with relatives, i did nothing else. Well, i didn't learn how to drive 'coz mom's resigning. So she'll be returning the company car that she's using. Hence, the extra car that we have, which i was supposed to use, will be used by her. Oh well. *sniff*.. (have to move on! have to move on!).. hehehe.. umm, i didn't learn how to bake anything new either.. but i still have a few weeks left before school starts, so i can still bug mom to teach me. :)

-In a nutshell -

Things are going well. :) Not perfect, but swell. :)

I don't know what'll become of me next sem. Heck, CRS decided to not love me. Hehe.. But i'll definitely do better next sem. I just have to. ;)

-A defining song-

Just a few hours ago, i found a song that aptly describes how i plan this year to be.. And how things seem to be going :) (well.. sans the "love" part, that is. none of that for now. hehehe)

Chantal Kreviazuk

This year, is gonna be incredible
This year, is gonna be the one
All the planets are lining up for me
This year, I'm gonna have fun

This year, I'll paint my masterpiece
This year, I'll be recognized
I can feel like I'll fall in love for real
This year, this year

January, I'll learn to fly
February, love's gonna find me
March, April, May, I'll get carried away
Oh, oh...

This year, I'll reach the pinnacle
This year, I'll get to the top
People will ask where she get that energy
This year, I'm never gonna stop

January, I'll learn to fly
February, love's gonna find me
March, April, May, I'll get carried away
Oh, oh, oh, oh...

This year, is gonna be incredible
This year, is gonna be the one
All the planets are lining up for me
This year, I'm gonna have fun

I'm gonna have fun
Just watch me now
This year
This year
This year

-Names, names.. Before i leave :)-

+ CHIZ ESCUDERO definitely deserves the top spot in the senate :)
+ PAOLA GRACE REYES, LIZA RIKKA MASCARDO, MARY JOY OMBAO, and CAREN AIMEE GEMENTERA, you girls are badly missed! kumusta naman sa hs barkada natin, ha? let's go out! let's go out! :D
+ To one of the very few people who i can tell almost everything to: CHARLES ICASIANO! Goodbye engg, welcome to cssp! :)
+ And can i just? TOBEY MAGUIRE looks funny when he tries to be dramatic. And oh, don't get me started about his attempts to dance. Nonetheless, he's hot. :) Hehe..


bea said...

ate rhea, nagbalik ka! hehe. oo nga, mukhang ewan si tobey kapag nagseseryoso. pero he's still cute. haha. :P

at ang ganda 'nung kanta. :) see you soon, ate! :D

cinnamon said...

beapot! hehe! :)

yup, actually tawa kami ng tawa nung kasama ko manood pag "dramatic" scene.. haha.. laughtrip eh..