Saturday, June 9, 2007

It has been six months since...

...and i still haven't uploaded pictures from my 18th birthday.

Right now i'lm listening to the "soundtrack of my life." Or at least of my life's first 18 years. Truth be told, my debut was far from perfect. It wasn't how i planned it to be. And my rants can go on and on. But just a while ago, as i was going over the pictures and listening to the songs, i realized it wasn't so bad after all. Sure, i'm still kinda bitter with the fact that dad chose to buy a new video cam and a new camera instead of hiring a photographer (which, by the way, would have been the cheaper choice. not to mention the fact that i would have had nice pictures with everybody). But it was still that one special night of my life wherein all my cliques were present. Well, not all. But at least there were people from each. Now i reminisce about that night and instead of seeing the blunders, i see love. That night i was overwhelmed with the love of the people who were there. I wasn't able to really bond with any group because i was constantly being called by another. I felt like i could just multiply into as many as my guests so i can catch up with each of them. I guess i was so bothered with the things that didn't go well that i failed to realize one thing: i had, i have, and i will continue to have a happy life. :)

It has been six months since i celebrated my 18th. So much happened.

Now, as i am halfway through, i wonder what it'll be like after another six months.

I bet by then i'm more responsible and sensible. Oh, and definitely more charming and beautiful. Yes, that's what i call "trying to boost one's self esteem." Hehehe :) Whoever disagrees, you are free to close this window now. :) :) :)

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