Sunday, January 6, 2008

Uncovering the stereotype of the passive, submissive, and/or 'under' males in heterosexual relationships

Hi everyone! Our group in my Field Methods class in Psych is conducting a study about men in romantic relationships wherein their partners are the more dominant ones.

We are in need of Filipino participants who are or who have been in that kind of relationship, 18-25 years old, male or female, for our focus group discussions and for interview. (Those who will be in the fgd's will not be asked for an interview, and vice versa).

Whoever is interested to participate, or who knows a male who is passive, submissive, or 'under de saya,' please do email me at

Our group will try our best to meet you where it's most comfortable for those who will be interviewed. For the fgd's, we'll hold it in a place nearest the majority of the participants.

Please, please, please do help :)


irina said...
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Azure Phoenix said...

Little Sister, please define, "passive" or "under the saya."

Are we talking about the culturally-accepted definition here?

Just asking, so I know who to look for and HOW to approach them. You know us guys; we won't admit we're "under" even if its so obvious to a blind cave rat.