Monday, March 24, 2008

And now i start anew

The past Holy Week has, by far, been my most memorable. I'm just really glad that I had a happy Easter :)

Special mention to my good friend Patrick Padilla. I'm so glad I followed your advice :) It has been, after all, what my heart has been telling me. I just needed some prodding.

And so now I start anew. The past week has been the looooooongest I could remember. It has also been my "defining moment." With a renewed relationship with Christ and a stronger character, I think I'm now truly up to the challenge of facing what lies ahead :) I know that's quite vague, but those who need to know will know. This is, after all, a public blog that serves as a repository of my [rhea]lizations. Blabbing about my life is housed somewhere else.

Sadness, I just [rhea]lized, could give way to greater happiness. Sometimes, we need to be down, to feel sad, if only to enjoy greater happiness from the things we take for granted. Trials, I also [rhea]lized, are not there to bring us down but to shape our character and provide us with an opportunity for growth. Sometimes we do have to learn the hard way. But it's oh-so-worth-it.

Though vicarious learning is effective and utilitarian, learning from one's own experience has a supreme advantage: it gives you a personal insight on the matter.

And so now I start anew.

Pray for me :) For wisdom, guidance, and strength :) Pray with me. For your own journey in this wonder called life.



Bea said...

Will definitely pray for you. Love you, Ate Rhee! :)

cinnamon said...

aww thank you favorite girl :)