Saturday, April 12, 2008


So it's been quite a while. Hehe. Been busy.

We just got home a few minutes before 11:30 pm. I initially planned to indulge myself with my new Psych book! XD teehee nerdy mode. It's Paul Muchinsky's Psychology Applied to Work, our reference book in my Industrial/Organizational Psychology class. Oooh and I got to have the glossy copy yay! (So how nerdy can this post get? Hahahaha).

However, first thing in the morning my mom woke me up to discuss the orientation that I have to conduct for the summer job applicants in our Pizza venture. Woohoo kumusta naman, 'twas 8:30, I still feel like sleeping, and she scheduled it 10 am. Haha! Anyway, I got to bond with Daddy first before working on the things my mom asked me to do. I wasn't really sure about what to do. Haha :|

Anyway, despite thoughts of not having much to say due to lack of preparation (sayang I could've applied more of the things I learned from school had I really given it time), the whole orientation thing lasted two hours :)) Although it wasn't purely me because I made mom discuss some parts like the company profile, product information and stuff.

Since our house helper is on a two-week leave, I had no choice but to go with mom and dad. I was initially not really that interested (I was on nerdy mode, right?) but then again, it was a good thing I got to go with them. In sum, most of the day was spent for the family businesses. So I didn't get a part-time summer job or an internship, but hey, why get a part-time summer job when my own family needs me? :)

We first visited the ongoing renovation for the third branch of Italian Square. This one, located in front of the University of Perpetual Help in Laguna, is going to be the biggest among the three, so far. It was quite an exciting task to layout the dining area and stuff :D I wanted to help painting the walls, but mom didn't allow me. Hehehe. Chatted a bit with the owner of the space we are renting, then off we went to Pancake House for lunch, then to Merville for one of daddy's projects. I once thought of trying to work with his people, like, conduct research among the construction workers and stuff like that, or do something HR-like, but I guess daddy likes dealing with them in his own way, so I'd just stick with mom's people. Hehe. After all, I do look up to daddy's way of relating with his people.

Went to a furniture showroom for the tables, sofas, and chairs for the new branch. It was fun deciding on what chairs to use, designing our own made-to-order sofas, choosing colors, and yes, haggling for discounts. Teehee XD We spent a good two hours, I guess, but I wasn't bored at all. The fact that my parents were considering my suggestions, that I could outright say that I don't like something or that I want something, was a pretty fulfilling experience for me :)

We then went scouting for store decors and stuff. Didn't get to buy much since there weren't too many choices, so I guess they'd do a round two. Dinner at Ponciana's Kitchen after, then we went to Mama's place to fetch my youngest brother Yubby, who spent two days there (read: first time for him to be away from mom!)

My mom wants me to conduct another training session for her other personnel (because the ones I oriented earlier were just summer job applicants). I told her that I want to do that after my I/O Psych class this summer because I really don't have the background for that yet. Perhaps that's another reason why I really look forward to my I/O Psych under Prof. Cantiller :D Also, my mom's asking me to layout stuff. And a few other errands.

We might open on my brother RJ's birthday on the 21st, a Monday, but the blessing would be on the Sunday after. I'm quite excited to see the furniture delivered :D I hope their craft is good :D I feel like I am indeed growing older. They're now entrusting me with more responsibilities. Someday, when the business expands, I'll probably get to handle the HR department hahaha. RJ, with his culinary background, would handle the kitchen part-- that is, if he's not in Macau or in some other place outside the country. He'll be graduating from the International School of Culinary Arts and Hotel Management sometime in July, I guess. I never thought my younger brother would graduate before I do! Haha! But well, I'm happy for him :) Oh, and I was also tasked to "tutor" RJ. What the heck do I know with culinary stuff? Nada. Haha. But what I'll do is to just give him study guidelines and stuff. Y'know, those things they teach us in 140.

I know this post is somehow kalat. Haha! Super random eh, just whatever is in my mind for the moment.

On to other things, I hope my high school barkada reunion would push through on April 17 :) We have NEVER been complete for yearsss. Meeting with the CSSP student council this Tuesday, too. Am quite psyched to start working my ass off. Hahaha. I am one crazy girl.

This summer is the summer when I'm putting my mind off shopping and simply enjoying myself. This is the summer when I'm going to get my act together, reintegrate myself with you-know-what (if you don't then you don't have to know), and just be a happy busy bee. There are times, you know, when I'd wish my old comforts were back, but I have told myself I shall never ask, nor get envious of those who are carefree and all.

My junior year has been the best in terms of almost everything, especially acads-wise and experience-wise. Got myself into trouble, but am learning and making the most out of it :)

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