Saturday, March 22, 2008

are you PROUD of your SIN?

here's a quoted block from an article written by bo sanchez. the complete link to the site is:

now here are lines that really struck me:

"Are You Proud Of Your Sin?
I told her, 'You fall into pride on three counts. First, you seem to think that your sin is bigger than God’s love for you. That’s pride. Friend, God’s love is bigger than your sin…'

'And second, you seem to think that your moral standards are higher than God’s standards. That’s pride. Allow Him to love you in your brokenness. And give yourself permission to love YOU. And third…'

'Did I hear it right? Give myself permission to love me?'
I knew that those words were new to her.

'Yes! And third, all this time, you’ve been focusing on your sin. Am I right?'
She nodded.

'You think God wants you to grieve and wallow in guilt? You’re wrong. When you focus on your sin, you’re not focusing on God. Focus on God. Focus on God’s love for you. Or you fall into despair.' I began to think of Judas and how despair killed him."

Something to reflect on :) Click the link for the full article. It was really enlightening.

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