Sunday, April 20, 2008

high school

looking good :)
i superrr missed my girls!
with the one who has always been there.
you know i love you!

caren aimee, rhealeth krizelle, liza rikka
long names :))

more pics at my multiply. network only, though.
*afterwards, went to tins condo. super bonding moment din! aww i really love my girl friends! to follow na lang yung pics.
*so how was the first week of summer classes like? well, it's fun to be in diliman, as always. but i can't help but envy those who are dressing up for their internship programs. awww. oh well :)
*psychsoc execom 09! twas fun planning for our org with you guys. david! upload the pictures na so i can steal! hehehe!
*i got what i've been waiting for. only, not at the perfect time. hahaha! oh well. execom, shh! satin satin na lang :p
*belated happy birthday to JAMO! :) i'm so happy you liked the surprise! and hearing from you that i made your day... that was priceless! i love you! happy 22nd!
*btw, sorry naman at binobombard ko kayo with texts sa blog na to. haha. kaya ayan, naglalagay na ko ng pics. i used to think ang redundant naman eh may multiply naman kasi for pics. but then again, pangit pala pag puro text. hehe. more to come!

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