Friday, December 26, 2008

Book-ed for the Holidays :)

I started the day by writing on my beloved BDJ 2008 the stuff I still have to accomplish before the year ends. I felt like it was a good way to start after daaaaays of spontaneity prior to and during Christmas day.

Working during the break doesn't seem so taxing for me. In fact, I want it. Well, not the toxic kind; but rather, the type that's just enough to keep me feeling productive. Knowing that I have something to work on fuels my energy. Yes, I guess you can call me workophilic. In the words of Toni Colette in the movie In Her Shoes, "I think that it's what holds me together...that without it, I could fall apart."

When I speak of work, I do not pertain merely to work as used in the traditional sense. Rather, I define work as anything productive, anything done to achieve some kind of cause. I don't want to be just a woman who enjoys life socializing, drinking, and partying every now and then, donning the best the fashion industry has to offer, and climbing the ladder of success in her field (even if sometimes through extralegal means). Rather, I want to be a woman of substance. Someone who's always on the go to achieve something not just for her self but for other people, as well.

Anecdote: Have I told you before that one of my childhood dreams is to take one or two orphans or street kids out for a day and treat them to good food, neat toys, and maybe even take them home and give them a bath? I smile now at the memory. I know my ideas then as a little girl were very juvenile, but nonetheless pure to the core. I smile now at the memory. I know I actually can.
Anyway, this blog entry's title is actually pertaining to the two books daddy bought for me yesterday :D :D :D Happy happy happy YEAH!

Aside from work and interacting with different kinds of people, another thing I treasure is losing myself in a good book. [Insert here cozy pillows, raindrops, and hot chocolate]. So yesterday, I went to Powerbooks to get myself a copy of How to Walk in High Heels and The Time Traveler's Wife. Unfortuanately, the lady at the customer service station said that both were best sellers and that they ran out of stock. So I went to National instead. They also don't have the former, but at least they got Camilla Morton's book. Here's the sassier cover I was looking for (which wasn't available):

But since I have low EQ (hahaha) and couldn't pass the Marshmallow Test, I decided to settle for the less appealing cover, this:

Upon seeing the sassier cover again, I couldn't help but wish I waited. Haha! But well, I guess I might not have another chance to get my hands on the book, given that the holiday break isn't gonna last forever, plus the fact that the book I want is a best seller.

And since I can't get The Time Traveler's Wife, I decided to get a copy of Randy Pausch's The Last Lecture. It was featured in BDJ 2009, so I thought it could be good, too :)

And speaking of BDJ... I'm kind of disappointed that it has been mass produced. Part of the allure of the Belle de Jour planner before was that it could only be bought at select bookstores (definitely not National), and that only a few ladies know about and actually use it. You know me and mass production.

Anyway, I hope you're enjoying the holiday break!

Me and my mom. Christmas day :)


Nikka Hao said...

The Last Lecture is nice :) I watched the actual lecture in youtube and felt inspired. Hehehe. Merry Christmas rhea!

cinnamon said...

Merry Christmas din sayo, ate nikka! :D

toni (from Lj) said...

I'm reading the Last Lecture also :) I'm getting myself a copy of how to walk in high heels as soon as I get the chance. Its cute to know that we are eyeing on the same books.

Happy Holidays Rhea!

I followed you here cos you don't blog in LJ anymore e. I linked you:P

cinnamon said...

haha yeah :D

sweet of you, toni :) i posted there that i transferred to tumblr but that i'm keeping this :)

happy holidays, too! :) i'm still checking my lj once in a while to read my friends page :)