Wednesday, April 22, 2009

On taking pictures

I don't know but for the past couple of months, a question has been ringing inside my head, a question closely related to my addiction to posting albums in my multiply account.

Am I going to events for the pictures that I can take? Or am I taking pictures merely to show off?

I mean, sometimes, I do feel a pang when I make taking pictures a motivation. I mean that's not innately bad, but sometimes it becomes the main reason, which doesn't sound right at all. Like, okay, I wanna go to this or that so I'll have something new to upload... And sometimes, I feel like I'm missing the event (even if I'm physically there) because I'm too busy taking pictures... Hmm, it makes sense now. Maybe that's why I enjoy looking at pictures from my camera and commenting on friends' albums in multiply... 'Cause sometimes (and sadly), that's when I truly get to live the moment, if you get what I mean.

But hey, then again I think that's such a negative picture I'm painting. Don't get me wrong. That's not the case all the time. Operational word from the last paragraph: sometimes.

I think I have this notion that the more pictures you have and the more detailed you get to document an event, the more fun it would seem when other people would view. My point? The focus becomes other people's opinions. And that shouldn't be the case. [Rhea]lization: when taking pictures, remember that what you want to document is genuine fun, not the trying-hard type meant primarily to make your life look more interesting.

A few pictures would do. Go where you want to go, and live the moment right then and there. People from ages ago had their memories to rely on when reliving events... and maybe theirs were richer, since they got to really live in the moment, every sweet second of it.

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