Sunday, October 11, 2009


In moments like this, Fr. Bernas' line is worth remembering:
"There is no rest for the sinful."

No decent sleep tonight. Venti overload. No matter how much it would make my heart beat (like 100x faster), I don't care. I've been unbelievably lazy for the past week that today, I had to post a big note in front of my desk of my ultimate goal in life. It read:

Contribute meaningfully and substantially to the Philippine society.

Be a lawyer
Pass lawschool

Pass my law subjects

Process well.
And, be passionate. Always.

As of this moment, I could say with all honesty that I am NOT prepared to take the Persons final exam tomorrow yet. I've been finding it hard to make myself work and focus lately.

Whenever I look at the note I have in front of my desk, it gives me the creeps. It reminds me of the other goals I'm already done with-- like surviving college. It makes me aware that this is the point in time when I'm actually being taught the things I ought to know to rhealize one of my ultimate goals in life.

(Oh, and have I shared? I think I want to specialize in Family Law later on. All the more reason for me to really focus on this. Pray for me :) )

I can hear Fr. B's voice now. "There's no rest for the sinful."
Okay, back to Persons mode. This is not the time to give up.

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