Friday, October 2, 2009

In silence.

This morning, my brother and i went to the COMELEC to register for the upcoming elections. He was supposed to drive me to the nearest Starbucks first (there are only two in BiƱan, I think) so I could review for the finals. However I changed my mind, remembering that there's an advisory that Pepeng might hit the country today. Plus the fact that I left my phone at home. Haha kung nagkataong mastranded ako, lagot na diba.

So anyway we just ate lunch together. We barely talked since I was reading the Sempio-Diy book for Persons while waiting for food to be served, and also after eating. But in silence, I felt the bond between us. You see when we were kids, we always fought. We outgrew the petty quarrels (one of the worst would be when we tried to threaten each other with knives HAHA our yayas were petrified when they saw us HAHA). We're still not that super tight but there are just moments, like the one we had earlier today, when, despite the absence of words, I felt... Hmm, I really can't describe the feeling much. But I knew there was brotherly love.

I have two brothers. One's 19, the other's 8. I'm a lot more touchy and verbal about my feelings to the younger one. But RJ and I-- we don't really tell each other we love each other. But in silence, I knew that the love is there. It seemed like a very mundane event--eating lunch together outside. (Haha and we were actually fighting pa earlier). But still.

I rhealized that there are people we love in silence, and yet it doesn't mean that our love for them is any less. Same thing with people who touch our lives in profound ways. There are some of them who we barely get to be with, yet we still know that the love is there. And though they barely get to tell you they love you, too, still you feel the love.

Pause and reflect in silence. Feel your heart beat. It's a wonderful, serene experience :)

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