Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Yaaaay for todaaaay :)

(Or yesterday, more appropriately)

I. I finally got my college diploma <3

II. I got to do a number of things during my short visit to Diliman:
1. I got to talk to the following people, individually :D

a. Bea Alfonso, who's one of the girls in my home org who has been dear to me ever since :) I'm really happy for you---you've finally made up your mind that you really want to go to med school and im so excited for what's in store for you. And yes, you're right: don't dismiss Ateneo just because they're new. Jesuit education is precious <3 Love you lilsis!

b. Edison Balagtas, one of my close psychs/psychsoc batchmates who I haven't had a face-to-face conversation with for a long time. I'm also happy for you that you decided to go to law school :)Just don't persuade Marge to NOT consider Ateneo Law. You're biased :P And though I might be biased, too, because I'm in Ateneo Law now, the difference is that I'm also from UP (and you know how much I love being UP). But Ateneo, really, is a very good choice. You might want to consider it, too ;)

c. Paolo Ong, I'm happy we finally got to talk again! I missed our very random conversations before. And, thank you for reminding me about the blue marlin in chinatown. Haha. I missed that and I'm happy I had that for lunch kanina :))

2. I got to visit UP LAW!
-Thanks to Carla Badi and Faye Celso for the "tour" :)) Even if I've been there before anyways hahaha. I'm just happy I got to see you two!
-Charles Icasiano! Upload our pictures, ok? Haha, and thank you! For the brotherly advice and brotherly love sans being overprotective and for being supportive about many things(HAHAHAHA shhhh).

3. I got to walk around the campus again. Well, not really around the entire campus :)) BUT, I like walking in Diliman. At least I got to do a bit of that today :)

4. I also got to drop by the YFC and the PsychSoc tambayans <3

III. Our theo group meeting was finished by 6pm as scheduled. Yay for efficiency!

IV. Another barkada dinner at mongkok. I really love that chinese resto. Great food at suuuuper affordable prices! Today I had vegetable meat pao and it's really good. Plus my favorite custard roll. But the best part of the dinner: laughtrip moments with Dors, Estelle, and Dianna :D

V. Dors and I saw our balikbayan grade school batchmate Camille Corcuera in Powerplant. Aaaand. We'll see her again this Friday when we go out one last time before Camz leaves again for Canada :)

VI. I feel productive :) I'm almost done with my first reviewer for oblicon :D Tomorrow ko na sisimulan ang consti :D

So there. Yay for today and for the next days to come :)

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